Chemical Cleaning is one of the most essential services we offer as this is the first protection for your systems. This process not only removes debris and metal oxide deposits, bio-fouling and scale but is essential to avoid the detrimental effects of valve and filter blockages as well as circulation and reduced efficiency.

Employers’ Responsibilities

In accordance with the Health and Safety Executive L8 removal of biological slime, scale and sludge is

a specific requirement. All works undertaken by ETS will be carried out to the required British Standard or BSRIA.

In addition just 1.2mm of scale can reduce efficient by 11%. How much down time and cost can you afford? ETS engineers will respond immediately to any call out, breakdown or insurance inspections.

Water Treatment Services include but are not limited to:

  • Pre-commission Cleaning
  • Acid De-scaling of Heat Exchangers (including calorifiers)
  • Boiler De-scaling and De-sludging
  • On-line Flushing
  • Chemical Testing and Analysis
  • Rapid Response Emergency Cleaning (international)
  • Initial System Dosing
  • Acid De-scaling of Cooling Towers and Condensers
  • Polymeric Flushing
  • De-scaling and Inspection of Calorifiers
  • Full Refurbishment of Cooling Systems

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