There are 22 organic products in our Water Treatment Range therefore ETS can offer customers the best Water Treatment Package for specific needs. This starts from a basic closed heating system treatment through to alternating biocides for cooling towers. Bromin is also available as an alternative legionella specific biocide for your brominator.

Employer’s Responsibiliites

It is required under L8 that cooling towers should have an ongoing monitoring and testing regime including a legionella specific biocide along with an alternating biocide and inhibitor programme.

ETS will automatically update all your records or set up an entirely new management system. You will find our packages not only efficient but cost effective.

Water Treatment Services include but are not limited to:

  • Cooling Water Treatments and plant
  • Heating Water Treatments and plant
  • Servicing by our Qualified Water Treatment Consultants
  • Surveys and Reporting
  • Automated Dosing Pumps and Equipment
  • Monitoring and Testing
  • Sampling and Chemical Analysis
  • Plant and Water Softeners
  • Specialist Water Treatment Chemicals

lab equipment